Christian Hall

I am a designer and maker working at the border of art and design. I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia.  I want objects to capture a sense of delight in people. I believe a thing can do this in very pure and simple ways, through its physicality; its texture and weight; its spatial relationship; through its form and function, or via a covert narrative that can be referred to in its physical presence and yet remain elusive. My practice spans jewellery, furniture, sculpture and everyday objects.  

I originally trained in object and jewellery design at Sydney College of the Arts in the 1990's and in 2003 I was awarded a Master of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney.  I have contributed to design through teaching, consultation and most recently as the former Creative Director of the Jewellery & Metal Studio, JamFactory, Adelaide, South Australia, a position I held from 2009-2018. I produce bespoke works for clients, new works for exhibition and continued production items for retail.


CHRISTIAN HALL | Adelaide, South Australia, 5000 |


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